SOTTES is a luxury, upcycling brand with an artistic streetwear aesthetic which produces one of one garments to guarantee to the consumer that they will own something unique. Be it from the hand created print process, manufacturing techniques or flaws in our recycled fabrics; no 2 pieces are the same.

The word “SOTTES” meaning childish, mischievous and naive, is how the brand portrays itself by creating its own rules and going against traditions of mass production and countless seasons. The universe surrounding the brand is a reflection of this and it can be found in the style of the print design and the way the garments are constructed.
Each stitch and print represents a messy scribble in an infants colouring book.


SOTTES is 100% upcycled. SOTTES is handmade. SOTTES is seasonless. SOTTES is unisex. SOTTES is one size. SOTTES creates its own rules.

We pride ourselves on being made from 100% upcycled materials and manufactured in-house by local professionals in our modest Swiss atelier. Our aim is to continue to provide workers with opportunities that are not available to them in the surrounding areas. SOTTES stands against sweat shops and mass production and stands for making an ecological and humanitarian difference within the industry.

SOTTES features a constant RECOMMENCE line which will continue to evolve in colour and design whilst creating capsule projects along its side, depending on which materials can be sourced. This gives us the opportunity to spontaneously create new and exciting pieces outside of regular fashion seasons.

Design and production will continue at the SOTTES workshop located in Jura, Switzerland.

à bientôt,
Jeanne & Elliot


SURRENDER, 268 Orchard Rd, # 01-03, Singapore 238856

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