SOTTES began as an idea for a clothing brand with a philosophy that goes further than just wearing fabric on your back. It was set out to become a blueprint for how the fashion industry could adapt its practices to create a more sustainable future for itself.

From a small bedroom to a modest sized studio, fabric of all kinds were collected throughout the journey to eventually build a library of 100% up-cycled material.

Handmade & unisex clothing with a messy and childish collage aesthetic was the image that had unfolded. Looking back to days of farm workers who would roughly stitch and repair clothing to leave their mark and a feeling was something SOTTES wanted to instil in itself. Imperfections that are left by the hand gives personality to each individual piece, making it something unique to own.

SOTTES is not a finished idea as there are many things to learn and more time to grow when aspiring to become an ethical practice but SOTTES intends to carry on towards that objective.